About Us

A privately owned and operated company founded in 1966 by Amira Asmar, AMIRA assists businesses in navigating everything from starting up to sustaining positive growth via offering expertise in integrating established technology, developing connections and drawing upon cutting-edge research in the business and scientific world.

AMIRA can help guide your business in integral ways. Built on years of experience, AMIRA specializes in offering guidance and growth in project management, finance and development, hydrocarbons and mining, electricity generation, housing, commodities trading and sourcing, and information technology. AMIRA’s talented team will successfully capitalize on opportunities and ventures that demand a thorough understanding of business, technology and government.

AMIRA is always looking at the bigger picture; its global network of offices and business relationships help it foster longstanding and broadly reaching partnerships. This enables it to provide comprehensive international project development services and continued returns through a diverse set of opportunities. To this effect, AMIRA has a number of major strategic Joint Venture Partnerships with leading International Companies. This dynamic portfolio helps leverage AMIRA Capital and resources into partnerships and Joint Ventures that can prove an asset to companies AMIRA is committed to growing and guiding.