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We offer from our developers/builders industry partners’ network world Class award winning Panel and modular homes concepts designed for the poor and low income families being embraced and supported by the United Nations Housing Programs in several countries explained in detail in our Power Point Presentation under separate cover.

Panel concept

This technical specification covers general and application-specific information for our modular houses. Our units are provided in flat-pack form and installed on site. The units are made of heavy-duty steel structures and prefabricated Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) modules. In most cases, the flat packs are transported to site in ISO Containers for efficiency, security and lowest cost. The basic structure consists of specially formed structural steel frames; floor and roof ring beams part welded and part mechanically connected. The steel sections generally utilized consist of cold rolled channel sections of the special form. The longitudinal main beams are braced together by the bolting of similar section cold rolled galvanized steel joints at floor levels. The basic arrangement of the building has been detailed up to a three-storey layout however with special detailed consideration story heights greater than this can be achieved. We are able to design a best solution at the client’s request. Each building is a multi-purpose building that can be used as a single or bi-level unit to satisfy client requirements. Villas can be permanent or temporary for use in many applications (e.g., housing, offices, apartments, showrooms). Houses are comfortable, energy efficient, totally customizable and weather/disaster resistant. Each House is mainly made of different sizes of integrated steel box modules comprised of ST-37 steel sheet and plate in different forms within the box modules. Beams, columns and chases are shaped from 3 mm thick steel sheet. Corners fittings are reinforced with 8-10 mm steel plate in order to connect the roof into box modules and anchor the module base into ground safely. Columns are fixed both to the ceiling and the base corner with bolts. Each box modules can be lifted from the top corner fittings for ease of installation.

Steel Frames Structure & Panels

Different sizes and shaped curled ST 37 steel sheet welded to corner fittings of box modules and lateral beams make base frame. This frame is used as the mold for cement, which later makes the foundation of the building. Waterproof High Density Fiber (HDF) board or ceramic tiles are installed on the floor surface. The floor in the second story is SIP made of XPS coated with fiber cement board or plywood. HDF, vinyl or carpet are used as the floor surface.

Modular concept

Modular Construction is a process in which large components are pre-built in a manufacturing facility and then shipped on carriers to the project site. Architecturally, modular construction is not limited to simple ranch style homes; it can be used for a variety of housing styles and commercial structures.

Off-site Construction Advantages

Building off-site in a controlled environment has many advantages. Modern component construction processes combined with a team of skilled craftsmen allow us to fabricate a stronger and more durable structure. Building materials and finished modules are protected from weather-related damage that can lead to costly rework. In addition, modules are continually inspected throughout the building process to ensure they are built to the appropriate residential or commercial building code and meet our quality standards.

Solutions to On-site Problems

Modular building provides solutions to many problems encountered on-site. With three fourth of the structure completed in the factory, there are fewer delays from inspections and bad weather at the building site. The chance of material theft and vandalism is minimized, fewer subcontractors are needed to complete the project and stress upon the surrounding community is significantly reduced. Whether you’re building commercial, single- or multi-family homes, subdivisions, government buildings or urban infill, we can provide a modular solution for your project.

Construction is according to USA and Canadian building codes to include

  • Snow load performance
  • Wind load performance on wall
  • Floor Load performance
  • Wall insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height (external)
  • Height (internal)
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Design Features
  • Floor