AMIRAUSA, LLC is a Commonwealth of Virginia, USA chartered enterprise headquartered in Washington, DC and operating in more than 30 countries. AMIRA’s core business is investing and providing service in the following industries:


Built on years of experience, AMIRA specializes in offering guidance and growth in project management, finance, and development. Our strategic alliances provide capacity for hydrocarbon exploration and production, mining, electricity generation, housing, commodities trading and sourcing, and information technology.


We work with petroleum products suppliers and refineries in order to meet the needs of government and corporate clients. Our services support the efficient supply of petroleum products to both US domestic and international markets.


We offer from our industry partners’ network world-class award winning panel and modular homes concepts designed for the poor and low-income families being embraced and supported by the United Nations Housing Programs in several countries. We also provide through our partners, master planned luxury developments.


AMIRA, with our partners, are a leading global provider of electricity generation and renewable energy, involved in fields that include power plants and power generation services, transmission lines, step-up transformers, sub-stations, solar industry systems,solar housing systems, thermal solar, steam systems, street-lightning systems, photovoltaic systems, and wind energy.


AMIRA in partnership with Wall Street investors and hedge funds, is offering, a New Paradigm in Asset Backed Securitization Patented method of managing financial instruments, equipment lease derivatives and other collateral instruments, data architecture, application and process program. We also provide efficient consulting services towards securing the requisite investment and funds in support of capital projects.

Project Financing

With our industry partners we provide advice and can work with our parent company Amira Group to utilize the use of State issued Sovereign Guarantee or Bank Guarantee format ICC 458, 500 or 600 to secure capital for industrial and infrastructure projects.

Commodities Trading

AMIRA, with our industry partners offers Brazilian sugar deliveries on CIF basis at reduced prices as well as provide vast trading services - investment, logistics, shipping, among others - that span the coal and petroleum industries.

Intelligence & Data Science

Specializing in ETL streams, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Paradigms, Trade Desks, Euroclear /Crest Clearstream FX algorithms, batch and online, Credit card processing, Data Warehousing, Sarbanes Oxley/MIFID compliance modules, Core Banking, including Treasury, Retail, Risk, BASEL II/III CAR Central Bank Reporting, Commercial and AML compliance.

Credit Card Solutions & Services

With our industry partner we are able to offer a variety of Credit and Debit Processing Cards, Gift and Loyalty Cards, Electronic Check Conversion, Restaurant and Retail POS Systems, Credit Card Terminals, Mobile Processing, Cash Advance Programs, ATM Machines, Internet Solutions & eCommerce Packages.

About Us

About Us

A privately owned and operated company founded in 1966 by Amira Asmar, AMIRA assists businesses in navigating everything from starting up to sustaining positive growth via offering expertise in integrating established technology, developing connections and drawing upon cutting-edge research in the business and scientific world.

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Management Team

Mark Asmar
Mark Asmar

Mark Asmar
Dr. Murad H Dawood
Managing Director, Iraq & The Middle East

Mark Asmar
Bob  Z. Isaie
Vice President, Business Development & Sales

Mark Asmar
Burak Gatenyo
Vice President/Finance

Mark Asmar
Alistair Robert McLean
Refining and Development

Mark Asmar
Vijay Kapoor
Manager, Business Development & Sales

Mark Asmar
Sylvester Azu Anyabolu
SVP, Nigeria Operations
Mark Asmar
Dr. Merwan Al Shawi
Iraq In-Country Agent

We provide comprehensive international project development services and continued returns through a diverse set of opportunities.